The Making Athens Beautiful Blog: Monthly Maintenance For A Yard That Always Looks Great

No matter how much you invest in landscaping, your yard will continue to look good only if it's maintained regularly. Beds need to be weeded and mulched, shrubs need to be sheared, spent blossoms need to be snipped, and trees need to be pruned for everything to look their best. That's where my monthly maintenance plan comes in; I'll get the yard in shape, then I'll come back once a month for the rest of the growing season to keep up on the initial work. By having the weeding and other maintenance done frequently, your yard never gets out of hand with weeds or scruffy looking plants. For some small yards, the monthly input required is less than an hour of my time, but even for larger yards, the cost of regular maintenance is modest; it's certainly cheaper than having a yard fall into chaos after not doing anything for a long time and then having to use a pick-axe just to dig out a weed. With the monthly maintenance plan, you can leave everything to me and know the yard will always look good.